6th Day in Israel

05 Mar

It is hard to believe that six days have passed. Each night I have difficulty deciding which pictures to post. It would be nice if I could post each one, but as of this evening, I have taken 800 pictures. Today was a pretty taxing day as we visited the Temple Mount. The journey was not physically taxing, but it was emotionally exhausting. The vast amount of people that are lost is overwhelming. I wrote about this subject earlier; so I will not repeat it here. You can read it by clicking here. Seeing a mosque on the Temple Mount and listening to the call to prayer heightened the heartache.

There is a little box on the right-hand side of the door frame leading into the hotel room. It is called a Mezuzah. This little box, or tube, contains a small parchment called a klaf. The inscription on the klaf is a selection from the Torah, and its positioning is believed to accomplish the obedience required by Deuteronomy 6:9.
The Garden of Gethsemane contains many olive trees. Most of the trees are too young to coincide with the time of Christ. However, tests and people that know more about plants than I do, suggest this olive tree is 2000 years old. In the building to the right, there is a rock in front of the altar that is traditionally believed to be the rock at which Jesus prayed the night of his betrayal.
Where were the shepherds the night they received a visit from the angels that announced the birth of Jesus? This cave is a natural sheepfold that traditionally marks the location of the announcement.
The Church of the Nativity is the oldest church in the word. Beneath the altar of the church, there is a cave. As you enter the cave area, this place of commemoration is on the right, and it is believed to be the location of Jesus’ birth.

As I am here in Israel, Amy is at home with the kids. (Yes, she is superwoman!) I also want you to know what a fantastic church family we have at Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Marietta. The people of the church have brought her meals, helped her with car problems, put together Levi’s birthday present, helped with the kids amid multiple practices, and made sure she has everything she needs. I am thankful for their love and concern. Oak Ridge is a wonderful church that loves and serves well. They are a blessing to our family – they are family.

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