7th Day in Israel

06 Mar

Yesterday was cloudy and cold, but today was a beautiful day. We spent the entire day in the region of Samaria and had a delicious meal on the mountain of Ahab and Jezebel’s palace. I enjoy the food in Israel, and there has been no deficiency in the amounts we are given to eat. There has only been one dish that I did not enjoy. It was a small dessert at the hotel. I do not know the name of the dessert, but there are plenty of choices to help me avoid it.

On a fun trek through the City of David, we walked down to Hezekiah’s tunnel that was dug to secure water before the Assyrian invasion. You can walk through this tunnel, but we walked through the Canaanite tunnel instead. The picture above is of the entrance where the water tunnel begins, directing the waters of the Gihon Spring. (2 Chronicles 32:30).
I had the privilege of reading Scripture at this location today, John 9:1-25. Jesus healed a blind man in this location, the Pool of Siloam.
Visiting Shiloh was my favorite part of the day. After the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they established the Tabernacle at this location. It was here that Hannah prayed for a child and God blessed here. At this site, Samuel was raised by the High Priest, Eli.
Jesus was tired and sent his disciples into Sychar, in Samaria, to get food. While they were away, a woman came to the well to draw water. (John 4) This picture is of Jacob’s well which sits beneath the altar of Jacob’s Well Church.

Tomorrow, we open the day touring in Jerusalem and then we will travel to Tel Aviv for a late flight. This trip is fantastic, and I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

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