5th Day in Israel

04 Mar

We made it to Jerusalem yesterday and spent today touring the area of Masada, En Gedi, the site of Qumran, the Dead Sea, and Jericho. It has been very difficult to upload these pictures because the internet connection has been very weak. Today was a wonderful day filled with rich history that surrounds Scripture and its preservation.

This is the view of Jerusalem we saw as we entered the city. The gold dome is the mosque that sits on top of the Temple Mount.
Ein Gedi is an oasis in the desert of Judaea. In 1 Samuel 23:29, David hid from Saul in the caves that surround this waterfall. In one of the encounters, David cuts the corner of Saul’s robe (1 Samuel 24:1-22).
Yes, those are my feet. I am standing on the edge of the Dead Sea. The white that you see is the buildup of salt and minerals. Though the ground looks hard, it actually feels like you are standing on an anti-fatigue mat. It was an interesting experience.
Do you see the camel in the left side of the picture? The mountain in the background is the traditional site of the temptation of Jesus. There are many “traditional” sites in Israel. This term simply means they believe the event happened here, but there is no way to prove it. (At least not yet)

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  1. Julie Mayton

    March 4, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    I really enjoy seeing your photos. Please keep posting. I would love to see all of them if you ever have a slide show!


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