Update on Levi

29 Jan

On Thursday we went back to Akron for Amy’s transfer of care visit.  We are now officially going to deliver in Akron and so we don’t have to go to Mansfield, just Akron.  Levi’s ventricles had grown a little more but they are definitely growing MUCH slower than they were.  The doctors there are still okay with a regular delivery and they are alright with inducement so we can plan to have Texas family here to care for Emma, Charlie, and Caleb.  So now it is just a waiting game and praying that Levi holds out until the first week of March.  He is measuring fine and they guessed him to be about 5lbs so he’s gonna be a big boy!  =)  Next Thursday Amy is having a stress test and a fluid check.  They won’t know how affected Levi is by the dialated ventricles until his arrival.  A couple of days after birth he will  have an MRI and that will show his brain in great enough detail for them to give us some idea of what issues he may face, if any.  Thank you for your prayers and cards.  Amy continues to get a card every day, sometimes two and she has kept them all.  We know things have gone so well with Levi and in our heart because of the prayers of other believers.  You’ll never know how grateful we are for you.

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