Time to Praise

18 Jan

  It is funny how we get caught up in life and forget to remember the great things God has done.  I was reminded of this while reading Judges.  We had a great week.  It has been about a year since I quit working full-time at the grocery  store.  When we did this, Amy and I lost our insurance.  We still have coverage for the kids, and now Amy, since she is pregnant, but I have been 1 year without.  In that one year, God has sustained and I have not had to go to the doctor once!  God sustains!

  Then, Sunday morning we had a visitor.  This may not seem like any big deal, but listen to the story.  14 months ago we participated in “Friendship Sunday” with our association.  During the services prior we all listed lost friends to pray for and that we were going to invite to that service.  One young man was invited and ended up in a wreck that changed his life.  14 months later, after a lot of prayer, he came to visit! 

  Finally, after four and a half years of working at the grocery store, I am finished.  We are not sure what is going to happen next.  I have taken a job as a music instructor, but there are still no students.  We know that God will sustain us as he has in the past.  We are looking forward to a great year and know that He is in control!

  Take some time and think about all that God has done in your life!

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