Levi Update #2

30 Nov

                We have just come back from a long day of travel.  Thank you for all your prayers as we have been going to doctors to see what is happening with Levi.  We went to Akron’s Children’s Hospital today for the first time.  We met with specialists and another consultant to let us know what was happening and what they are going to do from this point forward. 

                Originally the doctors were concerned about the left ventricle being slightly enlarged.  When we arrived in Akron today, they did another ultrasound to check and see if the left ventricle had dilated any more.  They found that the left ventricle had grown from 9mm to 14mm.  Also, they saw that two other ventricles were also dilated.  The right ventricle was at 12mm and the third ventricle was measurable, and they aren’t suppose to be able to see it.  The cerebellum is also enlarged and there is something else on the brain that is missing.  I am not sure what it was called; we heard a lot of large terms today.  They also discovered that the umbilical cord is not developed properly.  It is suppose to be made up of three vessels and there are only two.  They will continue to watch Levi’s growth because of this to make sure that he is getting all the nutrients he needs.  Right now his size and measurements are fine.  We did not receive the news we were hoping to get, but we are glad that they are beginning to see what is happening.

                This means several things for us.  We will be traveling back to Akron on Wednesday for a Fetal MRI.  This will give them a clearer, more detailed picture of Levi’s brain and let them know if there are any more abnormalities.  We will get the results of this test on the 15th of December when we go again for another ultrasound.  During this visit we will meet with the doctor again, along with a neonatal-neurologist.  Then we will travel again on the 21st for a test to check Levi’s heart.  December is going to be filled with visits to the doctor’s office.

                They are still not sure what is causing this to happen.  Around 35 weeks they are going to do an amniocentesis.  This is late enough in the pregnancy that if it does send Amy into labor, Levi will be safe.  By the 21st we should have a better idea of what will happen after Levi is born.  The abnormalities are isolated and do not seem to be connected to anything else so, they are pretty sure this is a chromosomal or genetic problem.  Because of this, there is nothing we can do, but be prepared for whatever happens at birth.  They are trying to find out as much as they can so that Levi’s delivery will be safe.  We appreciate all the prayers and the cards.  We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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One response to “Levi Update #2

  1. Amie Lake

    November 30, 2010 at 2:04 am

    Chas, we are praying for you guys. We know that whatever may come God is taking care of all of you. You are on our hearts and minds.


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