24 hours

23 Nov

It’s amazing what can happen over the course of a 24 hour period.  Look back over your day and think about things that took a drastic turn, for good or bad.  We are coming up on one of the most mind-blowing holidays of the year.  Thursday morning many of us will wake up with a renewed spirit of thankfulness.  We will spend the day with family and reflect on everything we have been given.  Some teams will celebrate victory and some will fall to defeat; and though family members will nag one another over the victory or loss, they will still be something in the air that allows them to shake it off and keep being thankful.  UNTIL . . .

Friday at exactly 12 am, all this will change.  People will turn from thankfulness and enter a store where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  The people who were previously so thankful for everything will act as though they have nothing and fight for the last iPod or iPad that is on the shelf.  All rules will be out the window and people will revert to barbaric action in order to find the special gift for that special someone (that they’re not willing to pay full price for). 

It is an amazing change that takes place over 24 hours.  To all of you that choose to brave this environment, my prayers are with you.  I will be at home in my bed.  Have a great Thanksgiving and remember the real reason you have to be thankful!

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