What Entertains Me?

17 Jan

Often, when we are in the car, my kids enjoy listening to Adventure in Odyssey.  It is a radio drama and comedy that was started by Focus on the Family in 1987.  We have them on CDs, and they help pass the time as we travel.  Last week, as we listened to one of the episodes, there was a scene that caught my attention.  One of the main characters on the program was set to have a debate with a “shock jock” whose rude humor and condescending remarks were often directed at Christianity.

As the show progresses, there is a scene where two repair men are listening to the program.  At the end of a tirade by the shock jock, one repairman states something to the effect of, “I love this guy!”  After listening to this scene, I was stuck with this question –  “why would someone find this rude humor and these degrading comments entertaining?”  It immediately hit me that there was something in the listener that resounded with the statements and demeanor of the shock jock.  The only reason he found it entertaining and delightful was its resonance with something within his mind and heart.

As Christians, we should often set aside time for reflective prayer.  These are Psalm 139 moments when we ask God to search our hearts and show us the wickedness in us.  However, we should also evaluate our actions and thoughts by the plumbline of Scripture.  I began to ask myself, “Are there things that I find entertaining and enjoyable that are sinful?”  My mind continued for over a week on this subject.  It was a worthwhile journey in prayer and repentance.

Think of the shows you find entertaining.  Does the sexual immorality resonate with the fleshly desires within your heart?  Does the filthy and the vile language resonate with your secret thoughts and desires?  As believers, why do we find such things entertaining, unless in some way they are fulfilling those guilty desires that we do not want anyone to know about?

As we sit at the beginning of a new year, I want to challenge you to search your heart and evaluate the things in which you find pleasure.  Are they godly?  Do they encourage you in the pursuit of holiness?  Our minds should be focused on the things that bring God glory? Romans 8:5 tells us, “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.”  My prayer is that we will set our minds on the things of the Spirit.

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