Daily Walking

07 Jan

One of my favorite radio programs to listen to is Car Talk.  It is a radio program where two brothers receive calls from listeners, and over the phone, they make an educated guess as to what is wrong with the listener’s automobile.  I remember one episode particularly well.  A lady called in to settle a disagreement she had with her husband.  Her husband thought he could save gas by accelerating to the speed limit and then coasting as far as possible.  Then, he would accelerate again.  His logic was that he did not burn as much gas doing this as he would if he traveled at a consistent speed.  The wife disagreed, and she was right.

You may know someone that drives like this or you may be that person.  If so, stop it!  Now, let’s take that one step further.  Maybe this is the way you travel regarding your spiritual life.  There are two people I am talking about.  First, there are the people that only pray or seek God in the middle of a crisis.  Second, there are the people that think attending church on Sunday morning is sufficient for their spiritual health and they coast through the week.  If you are one of these people, stop it!  Let me explain.

You are designed for intimate communion with God; this is the picture that we see in the Garden of Eden and that we see in Revelation 21.  Mankind, as an image bearer of God, was made to have fellowship with God, but sin hinders that purpose.  When we are saved by the person and work of Jesus Christ, the image begins being restored and communication reopens.  That’s great news, but here’s the deal.  You were made for continual communion.

We often treat our spiritual lives like the husband of the caller.  We go to church on Sunday and count on that to get us through the rest of the week.  Or, we seek God in times of trial and let that suffice until the next trial.  These are wrong, and they deny our created and redeemed purpose.

Psalm 1:3 compares a blessed person to a tree planted by the water (Take a minute today and read Revelation 22 about the river of life).  The water in that verse is an image of being continually plugged into the source of life.  The reason the tree prospers is that it is continuously plugged into the life-giving source.  Do you strive to be regularly plugged in?  Or, do you live from one experience to the next, coasting in between?  Live in a daily walk with God.

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