Levi Update: Geneticist and Cardiologist

30 Apr

  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  I took Levi back to Akron yesterday for his two month follow-up with Dr. Robinson (Geneticist) and Dr. Kahn (Cardiologist).  Dr. Robinson said that Levi looked good, meaning his abnormalities do not look like they are linked in any way.  They seem to be isolated instances and because of this, we were released from his care.  Dr. Robinson said the neurologist would take it from here and we would not come back to his office unless the neurologist found something new.

  The cardiologist was a little different.  This was our first appointment of the day and it took us a little over two hours.  Dr. Kahn examined Levi and he had an ECHO and EKG done.  The EKG came back good, but he was concerned about the results of the ECHO.  The right side of Levi’s heart is pumping well and strong.  It is exactly what should be seen in a 7 week-old baby.  The left side of his heart is not pumping as strong.  There is a noticeable difference in how vigorously these two sides are pumping.  We will go back on May 16th and they will do a heart function test.  Dr. Kahn said that this is normally accompanied by abnormal coloration fo the skin or eating/digestion problems.  Levi has neither, so he is not sure what is happening.  Hopefully we will know more after the 16th. 

  Many have asked about Levi’s brain.  The two abnormalities (agenesis of the corpus callosum and enlarged ventricular horns) are still there.  As of now, Levi is doing what he is supposed to, with the only exception being an over active moro reflex (this was found by Dr. Robinson, but he said the neurologist would watch it).  There is still no way of knowing how these two abnormalities will affect his later development.  We will continue to do routine visits to the neurologist (the next one is in June) to monitor his development.  They want to watch him closely and try to prevent any surprises.  The larger ventricular horns make him prone to seizures, but we are to just watch him and see if we notice anything unusual.

  As we know things, we will keep you updated.  Thank you for all your prayers!

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