A Battle Exists

22 Apr

Ever have one of those moments where you forget what you were doing?  Then, you have to go back and retrace your steps and hope that same thought will make its way back through the confusion, to the forefront of your mind.  I meet people every day that have forgotten the truths of Christianity.  They started out on a great path, but somewhere along the way, they forgot what they were doing.  One of these truths is the reality of Satan and the presence of his attacks.  This was brought to my attention as I visited with a young man who is getting baptized this Sunday.  I am thrilled that we will be able to celebrate Easter with two baptisms this Sunday!

I sat down with him last week to visit with him and make sure he understood the decision he had made and why he was getting baptized.  I can honestly say this young man knows what he is doing and has experiences the salvation that only comes through Christ.  It was a great visit that got very interesting at the end.  I asked him if he wanted to pray, and tears filled his eyes.  I asked him what was wrong and it took him several minutes to be able to tell me.  After several broken words and tries, he finally said, “Every time I pray, Satan comes and tells God, ‘you can’t talk to him, he is mine.'”  We talked and prayed, and then did it several more times.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot that we were at war.  This is not an option, but the reality of our spiritual life.  When we are saved, we switch sides and start playing on the opposing team.  Satan is real; we have a real enemy; we are in a battle.  Ephesians 6 is very clear about this reality.  Have you forgotten?  Do you need to retrace the steps of your spiritual journey and refresh your memory about the battle at hand?  Join us this Sunday as we celebrate victory, Easter.

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