Take a Look – 4/5

05 Apr

“Take a Look” is a new addition to the Grace in Truth blog. Each week links will be posted from different sources to engage your mind and encourage your heart. Take a look at the links below.

No, the Church Didn’t Create the Bible

In this TGC podcast, Don Carson and Michael Kruger have a brief discussion on the Canon. Only 6 minutes and 45 seconds long, it is a quick listen that is worth your time.

7 Evidences of a Spirit-Led Life

James Williams gives a list from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s commentary on Romans 8:5-17. “What comes to mind when someone says they are Spirit-led?” Lloyd-Jones’s responses to the question are invaluable to the believer. If you don’t have time to read it, check out the audio linked at the bottom of his post and subscribe to his podcast.

10 Reasons Why the Bible Regards Women Higher than All Other Systems

Eric Davis does an exceptional job of sharing truths our current culture does not consider. What does the Bible say about the value of women? Eric’s list is an edifying read for men an women.

10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling

When we read a book, we should read it with discernment and listen to what others are saying about the book. Jesus Calling has swept through the evangelical church, and many have accepted it with open arms. As a pastor, I continuously hear praises from Sarah Young’s readers. I appreciate the thought and care that Tim Challies put into this book review. It is worth your time and thought.

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