Let the Words of Our Mouths . . .

31 Jul

There are sins that we are comfortable with, and there are sins that we think are horrible.  There is no clear line between the two, and often each person is different depending on the way they were raised.  Though everyone is subject to this trap, very few believers readily admit that sin, in general, is okay, yet they may try to justify specific sin.  On the other side a believer may view particular sin as so awful it is unredeemable.  Both of these are wrong.

First, there is no excuse for sin, but there is forgiveness.  Often, we use reason to justify or validate the sin in which we participate.  We gossip under the guise of caring conversation, or we lie admitting in our hearts that it was what was best at the time.  Keep in mind that God is truth and God is love.  Each of these sins and all sin for that matter are contrary to the nature and desire of God.  Therefore, we should want nothing to do with them or any other sin.  Furthermore, we must make sure our speech does not condone sin.

Second, no sin is unredeemable.  As you read this, some of you thought in your mind, “What about blaspheme of the Holy Spirit?”  That is an in-depth topic for another time, but let me assure you, most of the sin that we treat as unredeemable does not fall into this area.  You may not honestly believe in your heart that it is unredeemable, but you may talk about the sin and the people participating as though it is.

I want to share a verse with you, Psalms 34:13, “Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.”  This is a verse we could unpack forever.  But please understand this truth: Our mouths are to have no part in justifying sin, nor are they to have any role in lessening the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.  Both these actions are participating in evil and speaking deceit.

This is a lofty task, but I put before you there is a more practical solution than merely abstaining from these activities.  For this we go to Psalms 34:1, “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”  This solution is just to use our lips for the purpose God designed, his praise.  Our simple, daily question is this: Does my speech praise God?  Does it affirm God’s holiness and love?  Use this to evaluate your conversations throughout the day and see what happens.

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